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93 Years of Commitment and Counting

As a family-owned and operated bank, we pride ourselves on serving the individuals, families, and businesses of Florida by providing premier banking services with a hometown touch.


Important Tax Information on Hurricane Ian

As our communities continue to recover from recent hurricanes, and with everyone knee deep in tax season, we are updating a blog from December with information from local tax professionals that might help those who have losses or damage.


Chart of the Day: Risk & Return

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from @genticici on Twitter. I was impressed by the simplicity of the concept, and it's very apropos to be on the back of a napkin.


Chart of the Day: Stocks for the Long Run

Today’s Chart of the Day is a reoccurring one we like to keep updated with current data.


Chart of the Day: Pre-Great Recession Average

Today's Chart of the Day, compiled from information from the Mortgage Bankers Association, shows the 30-year residential rates dating back to 1993.


Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in 2023

The time of low-cost debt has finally come to an end. With skyrocketing rates in 2022 to combat inflation, combined with global financial uncertainty and a mass exodus from office and retail real estate, commercial real estate in the first half of 2023 is on trend to continue its slowdown that began in the second half of 2022. However, there is hope for savvy investors looking to make moves that will give them an upper hand in the years to come. 


Chart of the Day: Five Years in Real Estate

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from John Burns and shows the historical percentages of homes sold by sales price going back to 2010.


Chart of the Day: Auto Supply

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from Wolfstreet and shows the supply of new vehicles in number of days.


Chart of the Day: Not Going Away

Today’s Chart of the Day is the projected budget deficits for the next 10 years provided by the Congressional Budget Office. It is not a rosy picture.


Chart of the Day: Time in the Market

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from @PeterMallouk on Twitter and shows the percent of time the S&P 500 is positive, depending on your holding period, going all the way back to 1928.