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Our Approach


When it comes to investment management, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Your financial goals are yours alone. Englewood Bank & Trust helps you secure your future by fitting our investment services to your needs.

Trust our approach:


We won’t suggest what you should do until we know what you want. Share your hopes, dreams, and concerns.


Your financial future shouldn’t be left to chance. Nor should you have to figure out a plan on your own. We’ll create a plan for achieving your goals together.


Needs change. Markets shift. When they do, our experienced investment management professionals will help you find the right opportunities for your particular needs.

How We Work

Englewood Bank & Trust’s investment management team adapts its approach for each client. We’ll design and manage your portfolio according to your resources now and your goals for the future. From individual management accounts to trust accounts to individual retirement accounts to foundation accounts, we’ll manage each account separately so that each gets the attention it needs to meet your goals.

We create an investment strategy that balances risk and rewards based on your goals, your risk tolerance, and your time horizon. We allocate assets appropriately, diversifying your portfolios and measuring their performance relative to the markets. Controlling capital gains and losses by actively managing each account separately will help you maximize long-term tax efficiency.

When investing in equities, we create diverse portfolios with dividend-paying and growth stocks. We screen stocks quantitatively, looking for companies with predictable cash flows, healthy profit margins, consistent earnings, and manageable debt levels. Then we review opportunities qualitatively, assessing growth prospects and management teams. Our diversified equity portfolios typically consist of 30 to 50 stocks representing most S&P 500 industry sectors. Small-cap, mid-cap, and international equities also may be included through the use of indexes. Exchange-traded funds may be used as well when diversifying smaller accounts. 

When looking for fixed-income investments, we focus on high-quality, investment-grade, intermediate-term bonds. In doing so, our investment management team controls interest-rate risk by assessing the impact of duration and average-weighted maturity. We also monitor credit-risk reviews for states, counties, and municipalities when investing in tax-exempt bonds.

Englewood Bank & Trust’s investment management team protects you from hidden fees, confusing guarantees, surrender charges, tax inefficiencies, and thin secondary markets as well. We do so by avoiding investments in annuities, unit investment trusts, mutual funds, business development companies, and private real estate investment trusts. 

You will determine whether our investment services are right for you. We measure our performance against your goals and expectations. We put your interests first. Our management fee is based on the percentage of the assets under management, and we do not charge commissions. Our incentive, and in fact our duty, as a fiduciary is to do what’s right for you.

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