Englewood Bank and Trust

Englewood Bank & Trust


Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with a Certificate of Deposit as the investment tool (CD IRA) from Englewood Bank & Trust is a secure option to plan for retirement.

IRA Certificates of Deposit:

      •  $50.00 minimum deposit
      •  Interest compounded and credited every three months
      •  No opening fees of any kind
      •  Maturities of one to five years
      •  Semi-annual statement provided

Here are tools to help you with your retirement planning:

Early time deposit contract termination penalties and/or administrative fees apply to IRA Certificate of Deposit.  The bank reserves the right to enforce the full term of any time deposit contract.  If early contract termination is agreed to by the bank, the penalties and/or administrative fees would be applied as disclosed within the pertinent documents at date of issue.