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Englewood Bank & Trust is here for you. Whether you are growing a business, buying a home, or planning for your retirement, we offer a variety of products, services, and resources to help you.

As a community bank, we provide a world of resources with a local touch. If you want to calculate a loan payment, get our routing number to set up a direct deposit for your new job, or just get an answer to a frequently asked question, we’ve got you covered.


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My Money

My_Money_Program_LogoCreated by the Florida Department of Financial Services, the My Money Program is a comprehensive and inclusive financial literacy program and resource clearinghouse for individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members, and caregivers.

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Kids’ Corner

Kids are better prepared for the future when they learn about money sooner rather than later. Our kid-friendly tools make learning about finances fun!

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Teens’ Lounge

Talking to teenagers can be hard, especially when it comes to an important topic like managing money. Help your teenagers achieve their financial goals through engaging exercises and informational resources.

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Routing Number

Want to set up direct deposit? Starting to make online payments? Get the information you need.

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Online Banking Tutorials

Banking online is easy. Start learning how to do it by watching helpful videos.

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Security Resources 

Learn more about the steps you can take to make your computer and personal information more secure. 

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Ransomware attacks are nothing new, but there has been a major surge since the COVID-19 pandemic. Cybercriminals are using the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic to send malicious emails purporting to be from a legitimate source, such as the WHO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Get My Vaccines, etc.

These emails appear genuine, but when you or an employee click on embedded link, your network locks up and those responsible hold all your date for ransom.

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Investable funds fuel financial markets

The S&P 500 index was up slightly in the month of May due to growing investor confidence in higher 2021 corporate revenues and earnings. With the receding COVID pandemic, consumers and businesses are emerging from social-distancing protocols and accelerating their spending. This strong growth in demand for goods has led to inventory shortages in many cases. Temporary delivery delays for raw materials and components are constraining global growth. Employment is expanding, however, which means goods manufacturing should improve and service industries should gain momentum.

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Plan to protect your financial information during hurricane season

Hurricane preparedness is on everyone’s mind this time of year, and with good reason. Being near the water makes Englewood particularly vulnerable. I’m sure most residents understand hurricane preparedness when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones in terms of shelter, safety and supplies. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the National Hurricane Center have posted some important operational guidelines.

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