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Englewood Bank & Trust's Financial Management Team includes professionals with trust, asset management and investment backgrounds who can design a portfolio and manage your assets to meet your unique needs. We are fee-based, not commissioned, to reinforce that we are working for your best interest.

Our local account management offers you high quality, personal service with a custom-tailored investment strategy.

Personal Investment Management

  • IRA Rollovers
  • IRA Investment Management (Traditional and Roth)
  • Joint or Sole Account Investment Management
  • Foundation Investment Management
  • Guardianship Investment Management

Our local investment management team offers you the highest quality, personal service utilizing:

  • A customized investment strategy to build a portfolio unique to your needs and goals.
  • A disciplined, open architecture approach to allow for client risk parameters, time horizons, and tax situations to determine optimum asset allocation.
  • Individual holdings versus mutual funds help control of capital gains and losses and offer efficient maximization of long-term gains rates (more favorable tax rates than short-term gains).

For equity portfolios, we will work with you to determine an investment strategy that you are comfortable with. It will include the use of diversified investment management styles such as Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large–Cap, preferred stock, exchange traded funds, and International stocks.

We determine the security selection process through the use of preferred stock (or dividend paying stocks) and growth stocks in the portfolio. We quantitatively and qualitatively screen over 20,000 companies to create a sound, viable list of 40 stocks across most industry sectors. Mutual funds are not generally used to help reduce your cost of investing and control your actual returns.

For fixed income portfolios, we focus on high-quality, investment-grade, and intermediate-term bonds. We pay particular attention to the impact of duration and average-weighted maturity to help control interest rate risk.

Through dynamic monitoring of the portfolio, we track your strategy and investments relative to the market. You will receive monthly statements and have secure 24-hour online access to view accounts via the Internet.