Caring for Your Estate


Preserve your assets for the benefit of your heirs. Our trust professionals can guide you through the steps for securing your present and your future.

Englewood Bank & Trust's trust and investment professionals will help you answer important questions such as

  • Who will inherit your assets?
  • How can you minimize estate taxes?
  • Who will care for you in the event that you become incapacitated?

Our trust and investment experts will help you meet your financial objectives by identifying investment, tax, and estate planning opportunities suitable to you. 

Estate Administration Services include:

  • A professional, impartial personal representative for your estate
  • Interim safekeeping of estate assets; collecting and protecting your assets pending settlement
  • Managing the probate process
  • Identifying any creditors; validating and paying claims
  • Providing detailed monthly statements to your beneficiaries
  • Beneficiary payment and acknowledgment

See How We Help Review Estate Plans

Englewood Bank & Trust, Business Development Officer Kerry Hunter introduction to Estate Plan Reviews

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Meet Our Client:Larry Ohlemeyer

Larry Ohlemeyer is a retired financial executive who chose to bank with Englewood Bank & Trust upon moving to Florida.

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