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Englewood Bank & Trust’s experienced trust officers share their expertise through free seminars. They discuss a range of topics related to how estate planning can help you prepare for the future.

Learn how you can achieve your financial goals for yourself and your heirs. Register for an upcoming seminar, or schedule a one-one-one appointment to review you estate planning documents. 

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Answering Your Questions About Estate and Investment Planning

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Tuesday, Dec. 7
10-11:30 am

Bond Risk and How to Avoid It

Are your “safe” assets actually the riskiest? Did they lose value more than expected when the market pulled back? Avoiding high yield (junk) bonds, Step-up Notes, indexed annuities, and leveraged assets can allow your portfolio to hold its value in bull and bear markets. Learn how portfolio managers analyze and screen fixed income assets. If you have mutual funds, exchange traded funds or individual bonds, this presentation will help in many ways.

Presented by Christopher Eckstrom, MBA, Portfolio Manager at Englewood Bank & Trust, 1111 S. McCall Road.

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Thursday, Dec. 2
10-11:30 am

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

"Oops" is not a word someone wants associated with their estate plans. This seminar will discuss the basics of estate planning, including last will and testament and power of attorney, and offer examples real-life mistakes we can learn from and apply to our personal plans.

Presented with Leslie Lohn of the Law Office of Leslie Lohn, LLC at the Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce, 601 South Indiana Ave.

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Thursday, Dec. 9
10-11:30 am

Estate Planning Basics

This seminar will review the basic elements of an estate plan, including last will and testament, power of attorney, and health care directives, focusing on the specifics and benefits of each and the pitfalls to avoid. The seminar will also include planning tools for non-married couples and couples who have remarried, plus ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets.

Presented with Lori Wellbaum Emery of Wellbaum & Emery, P.A. at the Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce, 601 South Indiana Ave.

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Thursday, Dec. 16
10-11:30 am

Becoming a Floridian

Considering being domiciled in Florida or have moved here from another state to benefit fully from homestead law, no state income tax, and favorable estate planning codes? Will your out-of-state documents work in Florida as you had planned? Join us to explore your checklist to be a Floridian, common problems with other states’ documents, and some helpful tips.

Presented with Dean Hanewinckel of the Law Office of Dean Hanewinckel, P.A. at the Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce, 601 South Indiana Ave.

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