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Chart of the Day: Save Early and Save Often

Today’s Chart of the Day is from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis supporting the mantra, "Save early, Save often."


Chart of the Day: Half in our Grandchildren's Lifetime

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from chartr with data provided by the United Nations.


Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it’s fear of thinking about the end of life or they just don’t believe they have enough money and assets to worry about, only 33% of American adults have an end-of-life plan that describes how their funds and possessions should be distributed after their death. Although, as U.S. adults age, the average increases to 76% of those 65 and older; however, it is estimated that only 20% of those under age 30 have made the necessary arrangements of obtaining a will. 


Chart of the Day: Music Sales

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from Statista, a provider of market and consumer data. The chart shows that streaming music, purple, has taken over the music industry.


Chart of the Day: Three Years on Average

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from A Wealth of Commons Sense and shows the number of “bear markets,” years with a 20%+ loss, since World War II. We were awfully close to one in 2022 with a 19% loss.


Chart of the Day: Every 2.5 Years

Today's Chart of the Day comes from A Wealth of Common Sense and shows the annual returns of the stock market since 1928. There were 69 positive years versus 26 negative years. This results in a negative year on average of every 2.5 years. For the last few years, we’ve become used to a string of consecutive positive ones, which has made it tough to remember that negative ones are a normal course of business.


Community Banking: Where Trust and Personal Attention Thrive

Our Crews banking family, made up of four individual banks: Charlotte State Bank & Trust, Crews Bank & Trust, Englewood Bank & Trust, and Wauchula State Bank, has helped customers with their banking needs for more than 90 years and is supported by four generations of leadership.


Chart of the Day: Real Estate Cancellation Rate

Today’s Chart of the Day is a heads up from @Nickgerli1 on Twitter about the current state of home construction.


Chart of the Day: Don't Simply Set and Forget

Today’s Chart of the Day comes from an article in the Wall Street Journal, “Bonds Over Stocks: The New 60-40 Portfolio.”


Chart of the Day: Record Loss for Mutual Funds

Today's Chart of the Day is from Morningstar, and shows that, during 2022, Exchange Traded Funds (aka ETFs) took in an impressive $500 billion in assets, while mutual funds lost a record $1,000 billion.